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Shaoxing kaiyuan names hotel launched 'sichuan food festival'

Date: 2012-08-14

Pat garlic pepper mountain snow beef, yam explode HuaLuo, hot and sour the golden dragon ball, fresh crisp pepper pork...Recently, the shaoxing kaiyuan names are put on "sichuan food festival".Multichannel sichuan cuisine features gourmet taste buds panic blew, let food lovers festival.

Sorching summer, people often feel loss of appetite, TCM scholars believe that the sichuan cuisine flavoring is numerous, can stimulate people gastric secretion, enhance appetite;The hotel this food festival in keeping the spicy taste type, on the basis of diversified through cooking way change out more pattern, reflected not only delicious, pay more attention to health.Chef is introduced: traditional sichuan food is given priority to, ingredients and cooking mode innovation is the food festival a major bright spot.Considering the characteristics of the summer and southerners to hemp, hot adaptation degree, the launch food with the taste of the local consumers demand made "little hemp micro spicy" improvement.Food festival, chefs also broke the traditional seafood should not be used to do sichuan's statement, the new sichuan cooking concept development, seasoning method update cooking XiangNen out the green pepper SaoZi liao ginseng, let the tonic and umami coexist.In addition, click rate is higher and spicy hot strong gently small bao chicken, hot long string beans, salted fresh micro spicy sichuan said said...

"Food in China, in sichuan flavor", the hobby food if you still in for summer diet and worry, might as well to shaoxing kaiyuan names, let fresh spicy taste experience open you this summer and lithe and graceful food light trip!

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