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New Century Grand Hotel Shaoxing is a member of New Century Hotel Group, which is one of Top five Groups of China's Hospitality Industry and the largest private-owned hotel group in China;The hotel has 355 luxury guestrooms, each room is carefully designed and decorated, comfortable and elegant.25F-29F are the executive floors of Prestige Club, providing a host of special privileges for honored guests...More Details>>

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  • lugent
    Very good, it is a hotel! dinner buffet while the suit but tastes great! the large bathtub in the room fresh, allows guests to remember special hotel is a good hotel. victory over Ningbo the magnificent Songjiang.
  • abcabc_abc
    Hotel room is very large, good hardware, the key price is still cheap, family holiday price is very high, children tend to be satisfied.
  • Bradley
    Patience and thoughtful service, hardware, good facilities. continue to support the new century!
  • rainierui
    Hotel location is very good, customer service at the front desk service was very good, rooms clean and tidy. transportation is convenient, customer good will choose this hotel next time.
    Network, service OK
  • lovelave
    Environment, health and good.
  • yoyojeje
    All right
  • ewing2000
    Very nice hotel, close to the attractions of short next opportunity will stay
  • Gabriel22
    Hotel of location also is good of, away from Lu Xun hometown and Shen is near, to salt Heng hotel and silver Thai city also on started fee more is of away. hotel of front desk reception somewhat small, while also has business type of Kaiyuan Mann home also in with, is somewhat mixed. check in of when occurred has points small episode, 2:30 P.M. has, was also in clean room, temporarily no reservation room type of chosen, later competent active for we upgrade has room, this do of also isGood. Hotel corridor height is too low, I feel depressed 185cm height, good room good. the compact layout of the room, bathroom was large, and preparing the small fruit and Mint. room facility is OK, clean and cable broadband is a problem, go to wireless can. Hotel 1.2m breakfast is free for children, it is still human, but does lessPoint, can say just eat, eat, one of the many small details too much ADO, anyway, on the need to strengthen services.
  • paulmei
    Location, surrounded by little commercial facilities. good, few people swim, breakfast very good, many varieties. restaurant in affordable, ate many times. cost-effective.
  • dfsaid
    Well this new century has no other place to live, the hotel swimming pool is very small, others are poor
  • liufei
    Second stay at joy!
  • spacing
    Room height is too low, depressed!
  • julia332277
    1, room the bathroom is very characteristic, room beds, etc; 2, hotel indoor swimming pool and small, boring early not reminded to wear swimming caps to water; 3, in the hotel restaurant, good value for money.
  • m08833
    Due to the short notice, very late, and had to leave early in the morning, I feel pretty good.
  • freeware
    Nice, breakfast very good
  • cscy99
    Hotel is good
  • e00146480
    Room facilities great room is a bit small, cannot understand why hair dryer like told to discard the old, slimy above, good gym, breakfast was OK.
  • cjl19881108
    Good hotel, staff very friendly, room bathroom tub was particularly stunning, good Chinese restaurant on the second floor environment, taste great, prices close to the people and to Shaoxing's b day dinner in a Chinese restaurant, highly recommended.
  • piaomiao1
    Great job! this is a very affordable price.
  • missmf
    New century has always liked. East of the city. downstairs to eat snack a lot, especially barbecue, cost-effective ultra-high; Hotel looked the entire urban area, high-rise landscape very well. from Lu Xun's former residence, Shen Garden not far away. next time you come to live. High speed down to the city block.
  • e01176807
    Hotel is very good, very satisfied, clean clean, space enough for travel requirements are relatively high, the hotel overall is good, breakfast is varied, but comparing appearance, taste a bit lacking
  • cccool
    Special structure of the room, good breakfast, TV too small, poor signal, overall.
  • bluefield
    Hotel in a beautiful environment ... ... Service was very good.
  • e02673868
    New century quality also is very possible.
  • birdman
    Facilities good, and clean, service was good, next time will go live.
  • cicisunlin_0
    Which is very nice
  • nobinobi3928
    Convenient, big block car parks and the environment is good, recommended.
  • pengpeng1113
    Old point
  • eruertitot
    And we think it's great
  • bear-xiong
    It's OK.
  • Bob_Wang
    Hotel Hotel in great location
  • aa212078
    Foreign guests booking, rooms not too big, the hotel staff very good, free cruise ticket, General guests are satisfied.
  • Angela er er
    Hotel kaiyun, matchy. Nice.
  • daweibar
    Clean and cheap
  • fsjiee
    Shaoxing is not bad, but always felt that there are a lot of places need to upgrade, but staying in a hotel and sent moon cakes are very happy.
  • pengjun2002
    Well, the surrounding environment is also very good, breakfast was good
  • axue228
    Rabbit Bao Hotel extremely satisfied! because there are pretty little bunny slippers and her favorite strawberry-flavored children's toiletries. the large bathtub in the room was made up for by her didn't bring swimsuits in the pool downstairs regrets.
  • tangyu090
    Hotel lively place a little distance away from the city, the city is unlikely to, so I went out for a taxi is very convenient, breakfast very good, very rich facilities in some old, overall good
  • dy00618
    Adding breakfast to 88 Yuan.
  • e01190922
    Pretty good
  • cj_19880915
    Worthy of five-star hotels, facilities, services, restaurant was great!
  • bed2bed
    Location bar should say new century brand of hotel is very good, but overall the hardware facilities of the hotel is a bit old and not as luxurious as some five-star hotels.
  • david_ww
    Hotels in Nice, clean, thick is a quilt
  • Lovppbb
    Which is very nice
  • imlaocai
    Environmental services are very good, room is OK, next time will come again.
  • jos989
    First times staying the hotel, I select of is senior double bed room, good of select. Although room small has points, but bathroom is spacious is big of round big bathtub, certainly also has shower room. night to II floor in the restaurant dining price reasonable, selected has we like of several sample dish, special recommended everyone of mold three smell road a level rod. future we also will select the hotel.
  • evaxu0513
    Nice hotel
  • lorraineluo
    Here, feel at this time, there are a lot of times will come
  • bao1137
    Around very convenient, very close to the hometown of Lu Xun, rich breakfast, is listen to the guy at the front desk said that lower temperature of the swimming pool did not dare to go swimming in General during the national day holiday period that is cost-effective.