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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница шошинкайюань (New Century Grand Hotel (Shaoxing branch)), гостиница расположена в историческом культурном знаменитом городе Шаосин, район экономического развития народной дороги восток и проспект пинцзян, примыкает к шаосину в будущем CBD Shoxingdi вдоль нового города, удобное сообщение.отель расположен в самом центре города и расположен в самом центре города. в нем есть все необходимое для отдыха и развлечений.
в отеле есть различные рестораны, с вами во время гастролей.23 роскошных купе в разных стилях, есть роскошные рестораны в провинции цзяньнань, которые представляют вам лучшие блюда ханчжоу бань, Шаосин, высококачественные морепродукты и другие.очень европейский и континентальный западный ресторан, свежий и изящный японский ресторан, великолепная экзотическая кухня также позволяет вам вернуться домой.огромный, великолепный, блестящий, открытый зал расположен на 4 этаже отеля, зал площадью более 1000 квадратных метров, большой, без колонн многофункциональный зал банкета, может вместить одновременно 800 человек, чтобы провести собрание или обед.девять небольших, средних и роскошных конференц - залов разного размера, хорошо сконструированные VIP - услуги, чтобы удовлетворить ваши многочисленные потребности.
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  • evonne1130
    Pretty good, when you can choose!
  • sufeisu
    Room was very hot in room temperatures as high as 29 degrees! Hotel claimed that central air conditioning this time stopped cooling, only the ventilation function! new century as the leader of a five-star hotel brands, two hotels in Shaoxing, the gap is really astonishing!
  • abu_lj
    Nice hotel, service and dining facilities were very good! especially staff very friendly! Business service is also very good, we had a very good meeting! Waitress forgot my charger to the front desk, thanks a lot!
  • lxppost
    468 can live in the five-star hotel, cost-effective! breakfast was OK, Wen Jing Chinese restaurant is great, tasty, inexpensive, and thoughtful service; faults Deluxe standard room size too small.
  • bison8899
    Very good hotel, room pattern of good, great, next time will stay
  • masterren
    OK, nice service, good value.
  • gaolie521
    Hotel condition is pretty good, but a fitness facility is relatively old
  • e01099701
    Good location
  • Leo_Weng
    You can also value can also
  • tjjcdf
    There is swimming, the water temperature is very comfortable
  • e00134987
    Hotel bathroom brand good choice, especially the shower Hansgrohe's sweet. breakfast in Shaoxing hotels are good.
  • allenmms
    Hotel looks somewhat obsolete, but room facilities good, great, also has a large, round bathtub bath. good service, breakfast was good, especially worthy of mention is the Chinese restaurant on the second floor, great, dish's color is very good, the next time you have the opportunity to stay there again
  • e00559598
    Very good! and helpful, service was good, and would choose the new century. sent ticket.
  • nccjay
    Service is good, compact rooms, bathrooms large
    That's good!
  • baoguobin
    It is a nice hotel with good services. The room is very comfortable. The breakfast is excellent which has a good selection of Western and Chinese food.
  • evava
    Very good hotel, very clean and decorated very well, is worth living!
  • e00022807
    Hotel services are in place, the breakfast is also very good, Deluxe standard room is a little too small, bathroom was big, which mirror a lot ... not far from the attractions.
  • dfsaid
    Well this new century has no other place to live, the hotel swimming pool is very small, others are poor
  • jiapei001163
    Hotel service is good, price is also higher! special mention Shaoxing meals in the restaurant of the hotel is very good, the price is not expensive! children also give small gifts! all in all was a very pleasant stay ^0^
  • cocoruiee
  • ding021
    Room bathroom great breakfast was not very good
  • e00096803
    Service down
  • fadaile
    Also, service satisfaction, the environment can be, the facility is a bit old
  • Andy Tan
    It's OK
  • Aileendeng
    OK nice bathroom, excellent service
  • gaga01
    Good very good
  • e00191498
    Facilities in old, driving, free attractions are nearby. Unfortunately, out of the rain, failed to play the ball
  • Ava5254
    Can also service satisfaction was a little unhappy later resolved the voucher sent quite reasonable last month sent the moon cake
  • Gabriel22
    Hotel of location also is good of, away from Lu Xun hometown and Shen is near, to salt Heng hotel and silver Thai city also on started fee more is of away. hotel of front desk reception somewhat small, while also has business type of Kaiyuan Mann home also in with, is somewhat mixed. check in of when occurred has points small episode, 2:30 P.M. has, was also in clean room, temporarily no reservation room type of chosen, later competent active for we upgrade has room, this do of also isGood. Hotel corridor height is too low, I feel depressed 185cm height, good room good. the compact layout of the room, bathroom was large, and preparing the small fruit and Mint. room facility is OK, clean and cable broadband is a problem, go to wireless can. Hotel 1.2m breakfast is free for children, it is still human, but does lessPoint, can say just eat, eat, one of the many small details too much ADO, anyway, on the need to strengthen services.
  • e00148035
    Deluxe non-smoking King bed ~ good ~ ~ great ~ Shaoxing is not big, so a taxi is also very convenient hotel reception ~ good ~ ~ buffet is also on the first floor can also be ~~
  • irving513
    Family travel, location OK, to Lu Xun's former residence 3 km, staff were very friendly
  • dreamone
    The internal environment of the hotel is very good, but the decoration is a little old. bathroom was huge, like a
  • dondon168
    Good good
  • lee_van2003
    Good taste Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant is not good.
  • PENG_X_X
    Very good hotel, excellent service, the food is great, recommended!
  • luoxin31
    Nice double bed has a beautiful bathtub
  • lanxin
    It's not bad
  • Bonnie0215
    Room very good
  • masood75
    You can also! room very large
  • jenny_ynnej
    Kaiyuan pillows very comfortable
  • jianyong1971
    Absolute quality hotels, five-star worthy, worthy of the price
  • tongxiao37
    Feel good!
  • jw83600
    Internet access speed, good environment
  • abnerypf
    Mosquitoes in the room, making phone calls soon sent mosquito coils. 2 floor restaurant in the hotel price is very high, worth recommending! evening buffet was great too! fares from Lu Xun's former residence about 10 yuan from East Lake, Orchid Pavilion scenic area by taxi more than more than 40. very nice, new century Grand Hotel for the first time very good ~
  • meimeimeng
    Famous five-star hotels, new century service the absolute best, the details do waiters give you a taxi to reach out and help you prevent met.
  • a6070938
    Quilt towel of the change, such as the new
  • ruru19830309
    Good service, good environment
  • OG0929
    Very nice hotel, good location, room facilities are good, nice
  • songsr
    All right